Data Types in Go

Sher Chowdhury
Dec 21, 2020


Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Go datatypes can be categorised into, primitive and composite data types, Primitive and Composite Data Types.

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Primitive Data Types

These are the core data types, such as integers, strings,…etc. To learn more, see:

  • Integers in Go(article coming soon)
  • Strings in Go(article coming soon)
  • Boolean in Go (article coming soon)
  • Constants in Go (article coming soon)

Composite Data Types

Composite variables lets you store a collection of values inside a single variable. They use primitive variables as their building blocks. There are several kinds of composites data types:

  • Arrays (article coming soon)
  • Slices (article coming soon)
  • Structs in Go
  • Maps (article coming soon)

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